Alec Spangler
landscape architecture
South Weymouth Naval Air Station
Harvard Graduate School of Design MLA 3rd Semester Core Studio
Studio Coordinator and Instructor Pierre Belánger
Project Partners Rebecca Bartlett and Jihoon Yoon
The Core Studio for third semester MLA and first semester MLA AP candidates was an introduction to conceptual design of large scale functional landscape and the synthesis of form, ecology, and economy. The site was a decommissioned naval air station in South Weymouth, MA about 15 miles south of Boston. Students were required to propose an alternative to the current mixed residential redevelopment plan, focusing instead on uses that tap into larger natural and infrastructural systems.
Rebecca, Jihoon, and I reconfigured an aspect of the existing redevelopment plan—construction of film studios—to tie into the economy of building materials recycling. The synthesis was inspired by two concurrent policy changes at the state level: the banning of many forms of construction debris from landfills and the creation of generous tax incentives for film production. Our proposal included rehabilitating a mosaic of ecological types which would be supported economically by use in location-based film shoots. Recycling facilities on site would help process the large amount construction waste typical of set-building and connect local businesses and individuals to low-cost materials and furnishings through a publicly accessible warehouse store.