Alec Spangler
Dream Walk

Since I can remember imagining anything I've imagined adventure walks. In dreams and in waking fantasies I would leave through the front door of my parents' house in West Chester, PA in the middle of the night and begin walking along one of our neighborhood streets. In the summer of 2012 I had a few weeks off before I had to find an apartment in New York and begin a new job. I was staying with my parents, so it was a perfect scenario to play out my walking dream. I left the house at 5:00am, Sunday, June 10 and arrived in Pittsburgh, around 300 miles away, at the end of the day Friday, June 29.

I kept a journal during the trip but I made a point of not bringing a camera. The walk was meant to be a dream and so I wanted it to remain in my memory as a dream would. About a year later, I read Patrick Leigh Fermor's beautiful unfinished memoir of his walking journey from the Netherlands to Constantinople in the 1930s; A Time of Gifts and Between The Woods and The Water. One of the many interesting things about this travelogue is the great amount of time that passed between the experience and its adaptation to book form. What kind of asides and hindsight observations will I have if I wait a few more decades, as Fermor did, to try to tell this dream-story in a different way? Probably much more modest ones, befitting the smaller scale of my adventure—or maybe more fantastic ones, to make up the difference?